In order to comply with Kennel Club requirements, car park passes must be shown in the windscreen, displaying the entry form number.

Postal Entries:
Entrace passes will be posted to exhibitors using postal entries.

For On-line entries only

You will receive your Exhibitors Passes at the appropriate time through your personal on-line account - **Not through the post**

Approximately 2 weeks before the show you will be informed by email that your Exhibitors Passes are in your account + by SMS text to your mobile phone if you wish.

Take these steps: Login to your account and choose the option ‘My Account History’ there you will see with your Show Entry record a line saying Download your Exhibitors Pass - click this link and your Exhibitors Pass will appear - print it - take it to the show.There may also be a Show Information Leaflet - print this.

Be aware that the Exhibitors Passes are not sent to you by email but will be in your www.dog.biz account ready to be printed off by you and used at the show in the normal way. This will be a great saving to the Society of the postal costs; envelopes etc.Exhibitors making postal entries will receive their Exhibitors Passes by Post in the usual way.

If they are not received, or there is an error with your passes please contact Higham Press — Telephone 01773 832390. Email mail@highampress.co.uk